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Dental Implants

Dental implants are small surgical cylinders that serve as structural replacements for the roots of lost teeth. Once in place, the dental implant can be used as a foundation to support a dental crown or to stabilize dentures.

Implants offer solutions for common dental challenges in the replacement of missing teeth:

A dental implant can be restored with a porcelain crown to create a natural-looking result without disturbing adjacent teeth. This makes the implant an attractive alternative to a dental bridge, which requires drilling of neighboring teeth for support.

In some cases, dental implants can create an option for the patient have a fixed prosthesis vs. removable partial dentures. This is a significant breakthrough! 30 years ago, patients that had lost most of their posterior (back) teeth started with a partial denture, and then, as bone levels deteriorated, they progressed into a complete denture. Today, dental implants offer options that can stop this pattern and help preserve oral health.

implant dentist dunwoody atlanta

Dr. Priluck has achieved credentialing as a Fellow in the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, an honor that is awarded to dentists with advanced education and over five years’ experience in dental implant placement.

Using computer guided technology, he is able to integrate imaging tools and 3D diagnostics into the planning and placement of dental implants – all in the comfort of our office!

For a patient struggling with loose dentures, dental implants can be used as anchors to secure an implant denture. Denture patients that have experienced this process often tell us that their implant denture has made a positive impact on their quality of life allowing them to eat, smile and laugh again with confidence.

Do you have loose dentures? Are you struggling with missing teeth? You may be a candidate for Dental Implants.

Contact Dentistry with a Difference to schedule a personal consultation with our dentists and explore options for dental implants. We have great information to share with you!

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